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I’ve decided. My Word of the Year this 2017 is “REDUCE”. 

I realized that there are a lot of things that I really want to do. But with my attention divided, there’s a chance that I might not finish anything at all.

So what does “REDUCE” cover? Let me share with you a few points:

  • Reduce negative mindset – change starts with the intention. If I can’t visualize and embrace what I want to do, I won’t change. Believe then become.
  • Reduce goals, tasks, and responsibilities – it does not mean turning away from them but rather saying YES to what is essential and NO to what is not. That’s why there’s the adage “Less is more.” When we say NO to the things that are not important, we do more of what is important to us.
  • Reduce pleasing people – it’s not selfish to do something for yourself. When you allow yourself to be who you truly are, you allow others to do the same. Click To Tweet
  • Reduce clutter – this includes old clothes, physical and digital files, negative posts in news feeds.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses – in retrospect, that means being contented with what I have right now.
  • Reduce weight – I want to write books and inspire people for a long time. That means, I need to take care of my health.

I think there are other things which I can reduce but these are my top 6. I’m looking forward to living 2017 with this frame of mind. I do encourage you to have a Word of your own in lieu of the tedious and long resolutions that you’ll forget by the 3rd week of January. You won’t forget one word and it’s easy to remind yourself. Have fun thinking about your Word!

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