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There’s a single red rose in front of me,
it’s bud still close and patiently waiting.
In a few days, it will reach its full bloom.
Several days more, it will wilt and find its demise.

But there’s the beauty in it:
the rose, like everything else, is ephemeral.

How dull could life be if things are made to last forever?
What’s the point of taking chances?
Where’s the courage in following your heart?
Where’s the magic in being together?
We live on borrowed time.

And in the end we’ll return it to the Master Lender.
The sands of time continue to flow
and our days are always numbered,
but is it something we should fear?

We only have today,
and that is all we need.

Carpe diem, seize the day; say thank you,
tell her what you feel, ask for forgiveness, forgive;
be kind, be generous, help someone in need;
be in the present, live without regrets.

And in the end,
we could greet Death like an old friend.

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