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Hey you.

I wish to know your world:
your ticks, your quirks, your dreams
that keep you awake at night;
your fears, your interests, your passions.

I wish to see the world through your eyes.
How you feel the wind brushing your face,
how the warmth of a fire feels on your hands;
your perceptions, your thoughts and beliefs.

I wish to know you,
to be a part of your world.
So I’ll show you mine.

I wish to share with you how I overthink things;
that I’m both optimistic and pessimistic, and that
during troubled times, I find solace in the
company of words, and my pen, and my books.

I’ll show you my ticks, my quirks, my dreams
that keep me awake at night;
my fears, my interests, my passions;
the things that make me who I am today.

We might be two lost stars just passing through
with no idea of what we’re supposed to do.
All I know is that you’re a
shooting star I couldn’t just let pass by.

(Take my hand, we’ll be alright.)

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